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A Note from the Coordinator . . .

Come and be amazed at the beautiful space we have created for Wetaskiwin families down on 49th Street. We have recently expanded, adding a new, spacious play room to our already lovely Centre. We have plenty of parking and hopefully a sidewalk coming in 2017!

Our space allows us to offer a variety of programs for young families and caregivers of children under 6. You will find play opportunities, ways to learn and practice skills through play and a chance to meet other families.

Professional staff can connect you with other community resources, help you find out about your child's development and support you in your most important job: parenting the next generation.

We are your ally, your cheering squad. We love your children and think you are doing amazing work. You are your child's favourite toy and most important teacher. Let us support you, feel welcome at our Centre, make friends, have fun and watch your children play, learn and grow.

We provide quality programs free of charge, because we believe in strengthening ALL families and growing a supportive and inclusive community. Everyone is welcome. Join us; we'd love to meet you!


Below are a few important website links for the Wetaskiwin area.

CIty of Wetaskiwin: (www.wetaskiwin.ca)

Wetaskiwin County: (www.county.wetaskiwin.ab.ca)

Wetaskiwin Early Years Coalition: (www.facebook.com/wetaskiwinearlyyears)

Wetaskiwin Family and Community Support Services: (www.wetaskiwin.ca/?nid=161)

Wetaskiwin Public Library: (www.wetaskiwinpubliclibrary.ab.ca)