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Early Childhood Development

Our children grow and change at an amazing rate. Come to your Parent Link Centre to play and learn, together with other families. You can experience arts and crafts, stories, music and song, imaginative play and active games. Parent Link staff understand how to play with children at all their developmental stages; they are knowledgeable about the five developmental domains including Physical Health and Well-Being, Social Competence, Emotional Maturity, Language and Thinking Skills, and Communication and General Knowledge.

Parent Education

Parent education is a valuable tool to enhance your parenting skills and understand the needs of your child. Join with other parents to discuss common experiences of parenting an infant or toddler. We offer a wide variety of parent education/support opportunities including Triple P Parenting.

The Triple P Parenting program gives parents positive strategies to use in guiding young children, building on a loving parent-child relationship.

Parents choose from a menu of parenting support choices: you may prefer a public seminar; a group discussion; or a private one-on-one consultation.

You may just need a Tip Sheet on a particular parenting topic or listen to a podcast on the Triple P website (www.triplep-parenting.net/alb-en/home).

Parenting is not easy; Triple P resources will help you be more confident in your most important role.

Family Support

Parent Link Centres provide formal and informal ways for parents to connect with other families with young children whether through Pancakes & Play on a Saturday morning or a Parent Support group such as Time for Baby.

Information & Referral

Parent Link Centre staff are knowledgeable about other community resources that serve young families. Don't be shy to ask about other supports available. If you need help, Parent Link staff can support you to connect with other agencies.

Childhood Developmental Screening

How your child develops from 4 months to 5 years.

Questionnaires are available both online or at the Parent Link Centre.

What Is the Ages & Stages Questionnaire?

Central Parkland Parent Link Network offers the Ages & Stages Questionnaire for parents to use to give them a "snapshot" of their child's development.

This is a simple questionnaire that the parent fills out at home. It is based on the age of the child and asks specific questions based on the child's development in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Problem-solving
  • Personal-social

What do I do with the completed Ages & Stages Questionnaire?

As you play with your child, you are asked to observe the way that your child completes certain activities. You check "yes" if your child performs the activity regularly; "sometimes" if your child does it only occasionally; "not yet" if your child does not do the activity yet.

Once you complete the questionnaire, return it to one of the Parent Link Centres and it will be reviewed by a staff person. The staff will go over the results with you. You will receive a list of appropriate activities you may enjoy doing with your child to continue to promote development. If there are any developmental concerns in any of the five areas an appropriate referral can be made for further assessment.

Contact your local PLC to arrange your child's personal developmental screening or click on one of the links below for online access to the questionnaires.

Parent Link Centre ASQ Questionnaire ASQ:SE Questionnaire
Blackfalds Click here Click here
Lacombe Click here Click here
Ponoka Click here Click here
Rimbey Click here Click here
Wetaskiwin Click here Click here

Other Community Resources

Are you looking for reliable information about child development?

The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development website (www.child-encyclopedia.com) contains a wealth of excellent information.

Check out their introductory video below.