Stay and play has been an invaluable part of my week with my toddler. The free play allows her to explore the activities that interest her and give her the opportunity to play with other kids. The addition of the gross motor room is fantastic!! Please continue this moving forward.

Time for my children to socialize and for me to build social supports/discuss parenting/motherhood with other moms – meaning I have more patience and encouragement to parent my child. Neutral toys = less conflict with children.

It has been an amazing program for my kids. We really enjoy how they teach our kids to share, clean up, be respectful, in general to be able to interact in community and always providing helpful tools for parents in raising our kids.

Loved how it taught me new ways to teach my child. Parent Link means to us that we get to interact with other parents and kids and make new friends while learning and growing.

Mia learns stuff that I don’t even know and that’s cool. I love this program. A place that mommy can go to hangout with other family which feels good inside and kids get to play with each other and that gives mommy a break.:)

As his grandmother I appreciate having special time with him. I value music and want to incorporate it in his life.

Great opportunity to meet other families with kids and do a variety of activities. We have made great friends through PL connections and my son is in kindergarten/hockey with 3 kids we met as babies through PL. He still loves to come back on days off of school.