We loved this program. I felt it hit different ways of learning and engaging the children, where it met everyone’s needs and kept everyone engaged. You fit a lot into 1 hour. I also liked seeing what the kids can do on their own and feel more comfortable with my 4 year old using a table knife.

Parent Link has been the single most important part of my day to day since having my child almost 3 years ago! The staff are exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and inviting to everyone. I met a group of lifelong friends because of the programs available here.

Tidying & leaving is challenging, but we continue to work at it. Thank you to the patient staff who help me and don’t judge. You are all awesome!

I love all the techniques used and my child was excited to try different things at every class. It gives me new ideas and different things I can try at home and exposes my daughter to other children her age! And my daughter loves crafts. She very much enjoyed this program!

I love this program. I was so happy to find out its free as I don’t have much money being on mat leave.

The coffee chatter was amazing. I loved having a topic we could all relate to each week, NO MATTER what age or stage we’re at. I loved feeling not alone with whatever challenges I was facing and I looked forward to coming every week. Thank you for providing child care and allowing me time for self-reflection and group sharing time. This program should be nonstop offered at all times because we need it!

I really liked the relaxing, non-judgemental environment. Always feel like I can ask any questions. I learnt a lot. No changes need to be made. Parent Link is a way/place to go to learn and meet new people. A safe place.
Curious Cuties

I enjoyed the huge amounts of support from fellow moms, learning about my child’s development and watching her play, learn and interact with other children. Changes? Making new moms more aware of the program and all it has to offer. Parent Link for us meant sanity! It was a great way for us to escape the house in the winter, make friends, learn parenting skills and get great info about our community and the programs it has to offer.
Curious Cuties