We loved coming to this program. I love Parent Link! So glad I found this place as a new mom new to town!

A great place to go to play and learn while making new friends and not having to worry about if we can afford to go.

My child enjoys coming to Parent Link more than any other place! Staff ie Carolyn, Virginia & I can discuss parenting strategies with friends and get support on parenting issues. My child is exposed to a variety of learning opportunities and I can practice parenting techniques and kids resolution with each other. Because of those programs I don’t feel the need to send my child to preschool.

4 years ago, I became pregnant with my 2nd child, 16 years after having my first. Boy, how things had changed! I met a mom through my prenatal yoga class who spoke very highly of the programs offered at the Lacombe Parent Link Center. I registered and started attending baby-bits when my daughter was only 4 weeks old. I instantly felt so welcome from staff, with loving and open arms. Miss Carolyn facilitated the most loving, accepting, empathetic and supportive group of moms I could ever have known existed. Aside from learning important aspects and domains of child development, and positive parenting strategies, I was able to form intimate bonds with the other moms with whom I was sharing this extraordinary journey with. I was often asked for feedback from programming staff to ensure the Parent Link Center was meeting the needs of all the families who attended. I feel blessed that I have been able to remain a stay at home parent. Parent link has continued to be the biggest part of my and my child’s week. The programming and drop in free play offered are exceptional and have allowed me to expose my daughter to music, art, literacy, sensory play, STEM, cooking and so many more things. Honestly, I feel “at home” when I walk through the doors and know that everyone there, both families and staff, are there to support one another. It has been 3.5 years since I first stepped foot in the Lacombe Parent Link Center. The closest friends I have in my life, are all parents I have met, exclusively because of the baby bits program I was a part of. Every day, while out in the community, I encounter people whom I know through the center, who all treat me and my family with warmth, love and respect. In my opinion, the Parent Link Center has created a real “community” for families in Lacombe County. Every member of the Parent link Staff has been incredibly professional and supportive in every situation I have encountered. There is never a bad question, behaviour or a parenting moment to be ashamed of. I have witness these incredible ladies save the sanity of many parents who just need some guidance and reassurance along their parenting journeys. My closing words are these: The Lacombe Parent Link Center is truly a gift to the people of Lacombe and area!
Brianne R. - Lacombe Parent Link

I’m writing today about the Rimbey Parent Link Centre because I truly feel they have done so much for me and my family. When I moved to Rimbey just over two years ago I was a first time parent to a one year old and I knew absolutely no one in the community. As you can imagine there are very few places outside of a church where new families in small communities can meet people. It was a hard transition because I very much wanted my child to have opportunities to interact with other children and I myself needed an outlet. We found this at Parent Link. Though their carefully thought out programming and their wonderful staff my son and I now had somewhere to go where we felt welcomed, encouraged, and part of our new community. I have since had another child and she loves going to Parent Link just as much as we do. The centre has helped us develop friendships, nurtured new skills and development both as a parent and in my children, and has provided a judgement free environment where my whole family feels cared for and valued. I can say with great certainty that had it not been for the centre and the amazing people that work there, my family would not have been able to build the relationships we have and would still be struggling to find our place in this community. I will forever be grateful that this program exists and the benefits for my family will be felt for years to come. I am very thankful that our government recognizes the important role that Parent Link centres play in our society and my hope is that they will continue to support Parent Link centres and the families they help.
Alexis P. - Rimbey Parent Link

Lacombe Parent Link has been a place that my whole family enjoys. We are always greeted by friendly staff, who each knows us by mane. The centre is an amazing resource; full of learning stations, 0-6-year-old activities, toys, parent resources, and a feeling of home away from home. I would hope that every young family comes and takes part in what they have to offer. Parent Link is a great way to get to know other families in our area. It’s the place my kids ask if we are going every morning. One of the best things for any young family is that there many opportunities to drop in, It’s FREE and the coffee is always on!
Trisha C. - Pall

I like to get to play around. We play and I hang around with my friends. I get snack time and to sing slippery fish and play drums all the time. They have polar bears, penguins, a rodeo bull, puzzles and books. Campbell [his younger sister] walks all around and goes and sits in peoples laps and she likes it like me.
Ford (Age 3) - Rimbey Parent Link